Due Date, permanently preoccupied by the continuous increase customer satisfaction by offering innovative products and quality service has established environmental management programs - OH & S objectives and targets



> Continuous improvement of environmental performance, OH & S and preventing pollution and risks
> Creating a culture and a mentality proactive staff regarding environmental protection and labor safety
> Improving technologies and products within the meaning of greening their technology of obtaining «clean» and adoption of pollution prevention measures in all areas of activity
> Soroca transformation into an eco-partner involved in protecting the life and health of employees

The requirements imposed by environmental authorities are constantly checked by the self-monitoring system that works at all sites Soroca.

> Quarries and gravel pits: the working environment as safe, and environmentally monitored vibration and noise from blasting with explosives and certified by companies authorized to that effect, for such measurements. To ensure a clean environment as they made a number of improvements crushing plants - Sort by: capotarea strips, wetting systems, etc.

> Stations and Plants asphalt mixture of bituminous emulsion Soroca exceeded specific problem of emissions and immissions of dust, organic and inorganic compounds by creating a monitoring system provided by renowned specialist companies that have provided us the best solutions to protect ambient